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    Society of Mode is a Contemporary Heritage House. We offer the Art of Fine Accessories, Bags and Luggage. Our services include a range of Bespoke and personalised Designs and Limited editions made to the highest standards, in the finest premier Luxury Materials. All of our Design, Leatherwork and Hardware are created by Masters in their field.
    An Account affords you full access to our E-Salon where our Editions can be viewed in detail. Inspirations, personalisation and color options are revealed. Benefits include Private Invitations to Virtual and In-Person pop-up Salons where new Editions may be previewed and ordered before they are released online. Your Account simplifies your order process and expedites future orders, it will also hold updates and images from the making of your purchased piece in your Account and private Gallery. If you would like to create your Account now, please register HERE
    For all Hand Stitched bags we offer only a small number of each design worldwide to maintain your exclusivity, and ensure a couture experience. The maximum number of each design is 20 for bags, and 50 for pochettes and small accessories. This number may be fewer dependent on design. Once the maximum is reached no more of this style will ever be made. You may also request a one-off color for an additional premium, price on request. Please email us at Enquiries if you are interested in an exclusive colorway of any of our current Editions.
    The Ultimate in Luxury Design and Concept. This is a highly personalised Bespoke experience; similar to an Interior design or a Wedding dress design service. Inspired by your personality, lifestyle, art, homes, your passions...This bespoke service provides you with an 'Only One in the World' Edition designed and created exclusively for you 'As Muse'. It is a portrait of you, It may be created as an Art piece, but always beautifully functional. There is no limit to our Design imagination and the Materials or Innovation used. This is a journey to create something entirely new for you, to be cherished for generations to come. To learn more about this process please email us at:, or request an Appointment to discuss. ' A BAG IS NOT JUST A CONTAINER, IT HOLDS THE ANGLES OF YOUR DREAMS, IT REPRESENTS THE ESSENCE OF YOU... '
    We can accommodate any request for personalised gift purchases, including, messages, inscriptions, concealed notes. Any personalisation details must be requested before the making of the bag has commenced. Details can be communicated at the time of purchase, or by email via Enquiries within 48 hours of purchase. We can provide a blind Gift Receipt for a recipient, that confirms ownership and authenticity. This is particularly important for exotic bags that will require the owner to hold the Cities certificate to confirm traceability of the material used.
    CITES stands for Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild fauna and flora. The CITES Certificate is issued by the Cites Management Authority at the U.S Department of Fish and Wildlife. Our Exotic bags are made from Alligator mississippiensis from Hermes' Tannery. Although covered by Cites, Alligator mississippiensis is NOT an endangered species. Coverage by Cites ensures that all our exotic leather is fully traceable, and maintained to the highest standards of humane stewardship, sustainability and conservation.
    When travelling internationally with an Exotic bag, ( Alligator, Crocodile etc. ) it is essential to hold the required documentation as to the provenance of the leather to avoid any unfortunate hold ups when passing through Customs. Exotic leathers are internationally regulated under the Cites agreement, and can be subject to inspection whether hand carried or included in your luggage, holding the required certificates will ensure this is a seamless process for you during travel. Exotic bags that are not accompanied by the relevant paperwork risk confiscation by Customs authorities. Please note, a Cites Certificate is not needed for a Leather bag. The Cites certificates must accompany your bag for all international travel and will be delivered to you with the purchase of your bag. If you purchase a bag and it is shipped to you internationally, the Cites certificates will be automatically included as part of your shipping documentation.
    We use a carbon offset service to neutralise the impact of our global shipping. This is done automatically and at our cost with each item shipped.
    All Hand Stitched and Exotic Editions, materials are uniquely dyed and prepared for you, and every process in the making of the bag is done by hand only. We currently estimate 2-3 Months from the time of order. We keep you updated of the stages of work, and can provide a firm delivery date once making has begun. For Available Now, Bags are pre-made in small batches, and can be purchased for delivery within the week. However it is not possible to personalise these pieces. Please note 'Jour' bags are Handcrafted, not Hand-stitched.
    We offer Worldwide Shipping. All of our Bags and Accessories are shipped to you fully Tracked, and Insured. We offer complimentary delivery via Courier Service for purchases $10,000 and above. We utilise a Carbon Offset service to reduce the impact of our Global Shipping. This is done automatically and at our cost with each item shipped. Please note, we are unable to deliver to PO Boxes.
    We hope you will be delighted with your purchase, and cherish it for years to come. We offer repair and refurbishment as needed, free for normal wear and tear, and as quoted for major repairs. We are unable to repair water damage, or leathers cracked by exposure to extreme heat, so please care for your bag in temperate conditions, covered against dust, and protected against rain. As each bag is made uniquely for you, we only accept returns in the unlikely event that there is failure of original workmanship, and we will make any repairs as needed.
    Please contact us via our Enquiries email, Online Chat, or request an Appointment for further information. We look forward to assisting you!
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